Terms & Conditions

Please enjoy your time on the community. We hope you're able to learn a lot and make strong, lasting connections with your fellow community members! Your views and opinions are really important to us so we ask that you're truthful and honest. Remember, My Voice is a research and discussion tool to help us improve Futures and the services we provide. It will mainly be focused on ‘big issues’ so it’s important to understand it’s not a place for sorting out individual complaints or repairs – that’s the job of our customer service team. You can contact them in the usual ways, either by phone (0300 456 2531) or email (enquiries@futureshg.co.uk) or even through facebook.

The My Voice by Futures platform is designed for current or former Futures customers, to enable members the opportunity to have a voice in the way that Futures is run. To ensure that the community is fair to all members, we need to set out a few ground rules. By becoming a member of this community, you agree that:

  1. You are a current or former customer of Futures.
  2. You will use My Voice for legitimate and non-malicious purposes.
  3. You will not be abusive or use foul language.
  4. You will not share your full address or reveal anyone else’s personal information.

Futures Housing Group reserves the right to remove members, or deny the redemption of rewards, if members breach the rules above or it is deemed that rewards have been claimed unfairly. Please note, those who currently receive payment in return for their feedback are exempt from claiming rewards from the webshop.

We want you to have fun on the platform as well as help us make decisions as a business, so take a look around, look out for new content, and enjoy!

My Voice Team,

Futures Housing Group